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Man beaten unconscious by 4 others in Scarborough

A man beaten by four other men in Scarborough Saturday was rushed to hospital in life-threatening condition, Toronto police say. 

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Brooke Henderson goes on tear to move within 2 shots of CP Women's Open lead

A stunning performance on the back nine at the Magna Golf Club has left Canadian Brooke Henderson just two shots off the lead at the CP Women’s Open.

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Police issue public safety concern as 4th CAMH patient goes missing in 2 months

Toronto police issued a public safety concern on Saturday after a 35-year-old man went missing from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

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Man, 80, dead after being found in pool in Scarborough

Toronto police say an 80-year-old man has died after being found unconscious in a pool in Scarborough on Saturday.

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Woman, 26, dead after car crashes into a store in Mono, Ont.

Provincial police say a woman is dead after a car crashed into building southwest of Barrie, Ont.

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The Jonas Brothers couldn't perform their encore songs. So Toronto fans sang for them instead

The Jonas Brother couldn’t perform two of their most popular songs in Toronto, so fans decided to take matters into their own hands. 

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More than 30 shots fired, 4 injured in north Toronto neighbourhood

Police are searching for three shooters and a driver after four people were hurt in a shooting in Toronto’s Glen Park area early Saturday, police say. 

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How this group is helping more women and girls jump into skateboarding

Through lessons, contests and meetups, Babes Brigade aims to create a safe space for women to learn how to skateboard and become more visible in the industry.

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Why cyclists are turning to civil courts to get justice for road rage attacks

One cyclist who has video of what appears to be a deliberate attack by a driver is looking for $2 million in total compensation. Lawyers say civil suits may be a good alternative to criminal courts because there’s a lower burden of proof.

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Man tried to evade officers by rolling through cow manure, police say

Provincial police say a man rolled through cow manure in an effort to evade officers in Prince Edward County this week.

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